As President of the Jamaica Football Federation, it is my pleasant duty to welcome you to our suite of digital media services designed to keep you abreast of and in touch with the exciting developments as they relate to the beautiful game.
We at the JFF understand the significance of these emergent digital media technologies in the enhancement of the information flow among the stakeholders of  Jamaican football.
We trust you will employ these services not only to inform and entertain yourself but also to provide us with your regular feedback on our general performance, both on and off the field. Your regular evaluation is most important to us as we strive to be the best we can.
The digital media platform, JFFLive and JFFTV…are an integral part of our efforts at the JFF. The infrastructure is consistent with our objective of having a more inclusive form of governance which will see the parish associations playing a more integral role in the development of Jamaican football.
We have taken note of the recent announcement from FIFA President Gianni Infantino that there will be an additional sixteen slots for the 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar. The odds of a Jamaican qualification with its attendant marketing opportunities. We will certainly be relying heavily on your support to secure qualification.
On behalf of the JFF, I wish to thank you for your continued support and to exhort you to use these digital media services to stay in touch and keep us on our toes.