Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Mr. Michael Ricketts

Mr. Dalton Wint
The General Secretary

Vice Presidents

Garfield Sinclair

Garfield Sinclair


Bruce Gaynor


Raymond Anderson

Presidents of the Jamaican Parish Associations and Other Members of the Board

Raymond Grant- Portland Fa
Donald Beckford- St. Ann Fa
Gregory Daley- St. James Fa
Patrick Malcolm- St. Elizabeth Fa
Marline Brown- Trelawny Fa
Peter Reid- St. Catherine Fa
Sheridan Samuels- Hanover Fa
James Pearson- St. Mary Fa
Wayne Thompson- St. Thomas Fa
Everton Tomlinson- Westmoreland Fa
Elaine Walker-Brown
Wayne Shaw- Ksafa
Robert Finzi-Smith
Ewan Scott- Clarendon Fa
Baron Watson- Manchester Fa


The General Secretary – Mr. Dalton WintHeads of Departments –Finance; Marketing & Business Development; Operations, PR & Events; Competitions; Referees; Technical; Youth Development and  Senior Administrative Personnel and Supporting Staff

Senior Coaching & Technical Administrative Personnel

Director of Football – Wendell Downswell
General Manager Teams – Howard “Juicy” Bell
Teams’ Manager – Roy Simpson
Senior Men’s National Coach – Theodore “Tappa” Whitmore
Each of the 12 National Teams is appointed the following Technical Staff Support:
  1. Coaches
  2. Assistant Coaches
  3. GK Coaches
  4. Fitness Coaches
  5. Team Managers
  6. Physiotherapists
  7. Physical Trainers
  8. Equipment Managers
  9. Team Doctors

Each Committee is assigned a Chairperson

Technical; Competitions And Regulations; Marketing And Public Relations; National Youth Development; Finance; Audit And Compliance; Referees And Assessors; Women’s Football; Medical; Security; Futsal And Beach; PFAJ

National Football Structure

The National Football League system
The Major League, The Super League, The Premier League, The Olympic League, The Women’s Premier League


Parishes Per Zone

Group A – Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James, Trelawny
Group B – St. Ann, St. Mary, Portland
Group C – St. Thomas, Kingston, St. Catherine
Group D – Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth