Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Mr. Michael Ricketts

Mr. Dalton Wint
The General Secretary

Vice Presidents

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Peter Reid


Bruce Gaynor


Raymond Anderson

Presidents of the Jamaican Parish Associations and Other Members of the Board

Raymond Grant- Portland Fa
Donald Beckford- St. Ann Fa
Gregory Daley- St. James Fa
Patrick Malcolm- St. Elizabeth Fa
Marline Brown- Trelawny Fa
Peter Reid- St. Catherine Fa
Sheridan Samuels- Hanover Fa
James Pearson- St. Mary Fa
Wayne Thompson- St. Thomas Fa
Everton Tomlinson- Westmoreland Fa
Elaine Walker-Brown
Wayne Shaw- Ksafa
Robert Finzi-Smith
Ewan Scott- Clarendon Fa
Baron Watson- Manchester Fa


The General Secretary – Mr. Dalton WintHeads of Departments –Finance; Marketing & Business Development; Operations, PR & Events; Competitions; Referees; Technical; Youth Development and  Senior Administrative Personnel and Supporting Staff

Senior Coaching & Technical Administrative Personnel

Director of Football – Wendell Downswell
General Manager Teams – Howard “Juicy” Bell
Teams’ Manager – Roy Simpson
Senior Men’s National Coach – Theodore “Tappa” Whitmore
Each of the 12 National Teams is appointed the following Technical Staff Support:
  1. Coaches
  2. Assistant Coaches
  3. GK Coaches
  4. Fitness Coaches
  5. Team Managers
  6. Physiotherapists
  7. Physical Trainers
  8. Equipment Managers
  9. Team Doctors

Each Committee is assigned a Chairperson

Technical; Competitions And Regulations; Marketing And Public Relations; National Youth Development; Finance; Audit And Compliance; Referees And Assessors; Women’s Football; Medical; Security; Futsal And Beach; PFAJ

National Football Structure

The National Football League system
The Major League, The Super League, The Premier League, The Olympic League, The Women’s Premier League


Parishes Per Zone

Group A – Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James, Trelawny
Group B – St. Ann, St. Mary, Portland
Group C – St. Thomas, Kingston, St. Catherine
Group D – Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth