Jamaica Grassroots Football Development

“Nature decrees that children should be children before they become adults. If we try to alter this natural order, they will reach adulthood prematurely but with neither substance nor strength.”
– Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Grassroots football is the foundation on which the development of the sport is dependent, and is the stage at which individuals derive their love for the game. It is essentially the nexus of football. It is the most important stage for investment in the sport. Sports/Athletics is a proven means to stemming crime in the inner cities of the world. Football is the most beloved sport in the world, the KING of sports. Jamaica needs to invest in methods of curbing crime. Investing in football is the most effective way

Coaching Content/Format of Grassroots island-wide festivals: Main Programme for developing young Jamaican football talent

  • Festivals will still be held in all 14 parishes.
  • Festivals will be divided into age groups with different content to 6-9 and 10-12 and different focus. Hence separate circuits.
  • Focus on providing more coaching to the older advanced, already exposed players
  • Introduction of Grassroots Football Tournaments
  • Opportunity to showcase ability to National selectors as a feeder for U-13 teams
  • Utilize coach educators more so for 6-8 age group and experienced  certified coaches for older age groups
  • Grassroots Programme will run from September to June annually.
Captain Burrell Grassroots Pic